Melanoma patients' disease-specific knowledge, information preference, and appreciation of educational YouTube videos for self-inspection

S. Damude, J. E. H. M. Hoekstra-Weebers, B. L. van Leeuwen, H. J. Hoekstra*

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Background: Informing and educating melanoma patients is important for early detection of a recurrence or second primary. This study aimed to investigate Dutch melanoma patients' disease-specific knowledge, and their opinions on information provision and the value of e-Health videos.

Methods: All AJCC stage I-II melanoma patients in follow-up between March 2015 and March 2016 at a single melanoma center were invited to complete 19 online questions, addressing respondents' characteristics, knowledge on melanoma, and opinions on melanoma specific information received and the educational YouTube videos.

Results: In total, 100 patients completed the survey (response = 52%); median age was 60 years and 51% were female. Breslow tumor thickness was unknown by 34% and incorrectly indicated by 19%, for presence of ulceration this was 33% and 11%, for mitosis 65% and 14%, and for AJCC stage 52% and 23%, respectively. Only 5% correctly reproduced all four tumor characteristics. Orally delivered information regarding warning signs, severity, treatment possibilities, and importance of self-inspection was clearest for patients, compared to information in the melanoma brochure. According to 77% of patients, YouTube videos regarding self-inspection of the skin and regional lymph nodes had additional value. Altogether, 63% preferred receiving information in multiple ways; 92% orally by their physician, 62% through videos, and 43% through brochures.

Conclusions: Patients' melanoma-specific knowledge appears to be limited. There is an urgent need for further improvement of providing information and patient education. In addition to oral and written information, e-Health videos seem to be a convenient supplemental and easy accessible method for patient education.

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TijdschriftEuropean Journal of Surgical Oncology
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StatusPublished - aug.-2017

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