Membership change, idea generation, and group creativity: A motivated information processing perspective

Suqing Wu*, Bernard A. Nijstad, Yingjie Yuan

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Membership change has been found to stimulate collective idea generation but to not always benefit group creativity-the generation of final outcomes that are novel and useful. Based on motivated information processing theory, we propose that membership change challenges group members to generate more ideas, but that this only contributes to group creativity when members have high levels of prosocial motivation and are willing to process and integrate each other's ideas. In a laboratory study of 56 student groups, we found that incremental, but not radical, idea generation mediated the positive effect of membership change on group creativity, and only when group members were prosocially motivated. The present study points to different roles of incremental versus radical ideas and underscores the importance of accounting for prosocial motivation in groups for reaping the benefits of membership change in relation to group creativity.

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TijdschriftGroup Processes & Intergroup Relations
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StatusPublished - aug.-2022

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