Mergers between elliptical galaxies and the thickening of the Fundamental Plane

A. C. González-Garciá, T. S. van Albada

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We have carried out computer simulations to study the effect of merging on the Fundamental Plane (FP) relation. Initially, systems are spherical Jaffe models following a simple scaling relation (M/R2e= constant). They have been put on the FP by imposing different M/L values. Various orbital characteristics have been considered. Our results show that the merger remnants lie very close to the FP of the progenitors. Although non-homology is introduced by the merging process, mergers among homologous galaxies leave a pre-existing FP-relation intact. As a side result we find that variations in the point of view lead to non-negligible scatter about the FP.

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TijdschriftMonthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
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StatusPublished - 21-jun.-2003

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