Method for reclaiming rubber, and renewed rubber compositions obtainable thereby

Francesco Picchioni (Uitvinder), Antonius Augustinus Broekhuis (Uitvinder)



The invention relates to the recycling of used rubber products, more specifically to the recycling of Ground Tire Rubber (GTR) from cars and trucks. Provided is a method for reclaiming rubber, comprising the steps of (i) providing a starting material comprising a vulcanized rubber polymer; (ii) subjecting the starting material to mechanical stress and at a temperature of at least 200°C to achieve at least a partial destruction of the cross¬ links and the backbone structure of the rubber polymer into fragments; and (iii) reconstituting at least part of the fragments in the presence of a branching/grafting agent to obtain a renewed rubber composition.
Originele taal-2English
StatusPublished - 24-mei-2018

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