Method, system and computer program product for mapping a visual field

Alessandro Grillini (Uitvinder), Remco Jan Renken (Uitvinder), Alejandro Hernandez Garcia (Uitvinder)


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For measuring quality of view over a visual field of view of an eye, during a measuring period, deviations between gaze positions and associated stimulus positions where the stimulus to be followed was displayed when the gaze position was detected and magnitudes of the registered deviations arte determined. For each field portion of a map of a visual field of view, quality of view is determined in accordance with a quality of view estimates of associated ones of the registered deviations of which the associated stimulus positions are located relative to the gaze position so that the associated stimulus positions are in that field portion. For each of the associated ones of the registered deviations, the quality of view is estimated in accordance with the magnitude of that associated one of the registered deviations and with magnitudes of at least preceding or succeeding ones of the registered deviations.
Originele taal-2English
StatusPublished - 20-mei-2021

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