Militant Religiopolitical Rhetoric: How Abraham Kuyper Mobilized His Constituency



    Even the critics of Dutch Reformed theologian, politician, and publicist Abraham Kuyper (1837-1920) acknowledge his great power of oratory. This essay examines the nature of Kuyper's rhetoric in a mythopoetic perspective that sees its inspiration in a romantic understanding of artistic inspiration and vivid representations of reality. Long-term editor of De Standaard, Kuyper's stalwart defence of Calvinism against Modernism drew from the struggles of Dutch history (the 16th-century siege of Leyden) and from his personal history to espouse strong views that are couched in military as well as organic metaphors. His mastery of the psychology of mass communication enabled Kuyper to accomplish many, though not all, of his political goals. No doubt, he was a master of religio-political rhetoric.
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