Mind your data: Privacy and legal matters in eHealth

Catharina M.L. Zegers*, Annemieke Witteveen, Mieke H.J. Schulte, Julia F. Henrich, Anouk Vermeij, Brigit Klever, Andre Dekker

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    The health care sector can benefit considerably from developments in digital technology. Consequently, eHealth applications are rapidly increasing in number and sophistication. For successful development and implementation of eHealth, it is paramount to guarantee the privacy and safety of patients and their collected data. At the same time, anonymized data that are collected through eHealth could be used in the development of innovative and personalized diagnostic, prognostic, and treatment tools. To address the needs of researchers, health care providers, and eHealth developers for more information and practical tools to handle privacy and legal matters in eHealth, the Dutch national Digital Society Research Programme organized the “Mind Your Data: Privacy and Legal Matters in eHealth” conference. In this paper, we share the key take home messages from the conference based on the following five tradeoffs: (1) privacy versus independence, (2) informed consent versus convenience, (3) clinical research versus clinical routine data, (4) responsibility and standardization, and (5) privacy versus solidarity.

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    StatusPublished - mrt.-2021

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