Miniaturization and 3D printing of bioreactors: A technological mini review

Spyridon Achinas*, Jorn-Ids Heins, Janneke Krooneman, Gert-Jan Euverink

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Many articles have been published on scale-down concepts as well as additive manufacturing techniques. However, information is scarce when miniaturization and 3D printing are applied in the fabrication of bioreactor systems. Therefore, garnering information for the interfaces between miniaturization and 3D printing becomes important and essential. The first goal is to examine the miniaturization aspects concerning bioreactor screening systems. The second goal is to review successful modalities of 3D printing and its applications in bioreactor manufacturing. This paper intends to provide information on anaerobic digestion process intensification by fusion of miniaturization technique and 3D printing technology. In particular, it gives a perspective on the challenges of 3D printing and the options of miniature bioreactor systems for process high-throughput screening.
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StatusPublished - 14-sep-2020

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