Minor Complexes at Work: Light-Harvesting by Carotenoids in the Photosystem II Antenna Complexes CP24 and CP26

Alessandro Marin, Francesca Passarini, Ivo H. M. van Stokkum, Rienk van Grondelle, Roberta Croce*

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Plant photosynthesis relies on the capacity of chlorophylls and carotenoids to absorb light. One of the roles of carotenoids is to harvest green-blue light and transfer the excitation energy to the chlorophylls. The corresponding dynamics were investigated here for the first time, to our knowledge, in the CP26 and CP24 minor antenna complexes. The results for the two complexes differ substantially. In CP26 fast transfer (80 fs) occurs from the carotenoid S(2) state to chlorophylls a absorbing at 675 and 678 nm, whereas transfer from the hot S(1) state to the lowest energy chlorophylls is observed in

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TijdschriftBiophysical Journal
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StatusPublished - 8-jun-2011

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