miRetrieve-an R package and web application for miRNA text mining

Julian Friedrich*, Hans-Peter Hammes, Guido Krenning

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microRNAs (miRNAs) regulate gene expression and thereby influence biological processes in health and disease. As a consequence, miRNAs are intensely studied and literature on miRNAs has been constantly growing. While this growing body of literature reflects the interest in miRNAs, it generates a challenge to maintain an overview, and the comparison of miRNAs that may function across diverse disease fields is complex due to this large number of relevant publications. To address these challenges, we designed miRetrieve, an R package and web application that provides an overview on miRNAs. By text mining, miRetrieve can characterize and compare miRNAs within specific disease fields and across disease areas. This overview provides focus and facilitates the generation of new hypotheses. Here, we explain how miRetrieve works and how it is used. Furthermore, we demonstrate its applicability in an exemplary case study and discuss its advantages and disadvantages.

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TijdschriftNAR genomics and bioinformatics
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StatusPublished - dec.-2021

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