Model-based analysis and control of axial and torsional stick-slip oscillations in drilling systems

Bart Besselink, Nathan van de Wouw, Henk Nijmeijer


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The mechanisms leading to torsional vibrations in drilling systems are considered in this paper. Thereto, a drill string model of the axial and torsional dynamics is proposed, where coupling is provided by a rate-independent bit-rock interaction law. Analysis of this model shows that the fast axial dynamics exhibit an axial stick-slip limit cycle. This generates an apparent velocity-weakening effect in the torque-on-bit, explaining the onset of torsional vibrations. Based on this analysis, a strategy for control design aiming at the suppression of torsional vibrations is presented.
Originele taal-2English
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StatusPublished - 2011
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Evenement2011 IEEE International Conference on Control Applications (CCA) - Denver, United States
Duur: 28-sep-201130-sep-2011


Conference2011 IEEE International Conference on Control Applications (CCA)
Land/RegioUnited States

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