Modelling knowledge and innovation spillovers in China

Min Qiang Zhao, Jouke Dijk, van

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The papers in this special issue focus on modelling knowledge and innovation spillovers with an emphasis on the context of China. The first paper decomposes the relative importance of economic growth into knowledge spillovers and technical diffusion, using cross-country data on a worldwide scale, as well as provincial data at the regional scale of China. The second paper investigates whether the economic and financial performances of reformed state-owned enterprises are affected by the presence of non-state-owned enterprises from related industries. The final paper examines how the spatial spillovers from inward and outward foreign direct investment affect the innovation activities of domestic firms in China's Shandong province. This special issue contributes to a better understanding of the channels for transferring knowledge and innovation spillovers in China.

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StatusPublished - 2-jan.-2020

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