Modelling, simulation and analysis of security of supply scenarios in integrated gas and electricity transmission networks

Kwabena Addo Pambour


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    The integration of variable renewable energy sources into existing energy supply systems has increased the coupling between different critical energy infrastructures. The operation of natural gas and electricity transmission networks, for instance, is increasingly interdependent, due to a growing use of gas fired generators in the electricity system and the use of electric driven compressors in the gas system. In addition, new evolving technologies such as Power-to-Gas are expected to further increase the coupling between the two energy vectors.

    This trend suggests the need to examine (a) the depth and scope of these interdependencies, (b) how they may affect the operation of the two systems and (c) how to proactively approach the bottlenecks and challenges that may emerge.
    This dissertation develops simulation models to analyse the interdependencies between gas and electricity networks in terms of security of energy supply. The simulation models are implemented into a novel simulation tool named SAInt, which is intended to support gas and power transmission system operators, regulatory agencies, energy consultants and researchers to examine the interactions between gas and electricity networks and to assess the impact of disruptions on security of supply.

    Results show how the developed simulation models can give insight into important and critical information such as the timing and propagation of contingencies and the grace period to react to these undesired events. Such information may improve the coordination between gas and power transmission system operators and increase the resilience and the level of security of supply in the coupled energy system.
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