MOLGENIS Research: Advanced bioinformatics data software for non-bioinformaticians

K Joeri van der Velde, Floris Imhann, Bart Charbon, Chao Pang, David van Enckevort, Mariska Slofstra, Ruggero Barbieri, Rudi Alberts, Dennis Hendriksen, Fleur Kelpin, Mark de Haan, Tommy de Boer, Sido Haakma, Connor Stroomberg, Salome Scholtens, Gert-Jan van de Geijn, Eleonora A M Festen, Rinse K Weersma, Morris A Swertz

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Motivation: The volume and complexity of biological data increases rapidly. Many clinical professionals and biomedical researchers without a bioinformatics background are generating big '-omics' data, but do not always have the tools to manage, process or publicly share these data.

Results: Here we present MOLGENIS Research, an open-source web-application to collect, manage, analyze, visualize and share large and complex biomedical data sets, without the need for advanced bioinformatics skills.

Availability and implementation: MOLGENIS Research is freely available (open source software). It can be installed from source code (see, downloaded as a precompiled WAR file (for your own server), setup inside a Docker container (see, or requested as a Software-as-a-Service subscription. For a public demo instance and complete installation instructions see

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TijdschriftBioinformatics (Oxford, England)
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StatusPublished - 15-mrt.-2019

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