Mood Related Insights: Functional and structural MRI studies in depression and anxiety disorders


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Brain structure and brain function in patients with Major Depressive Disorder
(MDD) and prevalent anxiety disorders was studied in this thesis. The first aim
of this study was to identify disorder specific and shared neuroanatomical and
functional abnormalities, with a focus on emotional information processing
and executive functions. Structural and functional MRI patterns of patients
with both MDD and anxiety disorders (comorbid depression-anxiety) were
directly compared with those of patients with only MDD or anxiety disorders.
The second aim of this study was to study the relation of common risk factors
of mood- and anxiety disorders, namely neuroticism and childhood emotional
abuse, and regional brain volume. Giving insight into the shared and distinct
neurobiological underpinnings of MDD and anxiety disorders is important to
understand their high comorbidity, for the classification of MDD and anxiety
disorders, and subsequently for the treatment and course of these highly prevalent psychiatric disorders.
Both brain morphometry and brain function related to cognitive and emotional
processes were investigated with the use of magnetic resonance imaging
(MRI ). The anxiety disorders included in this study were social anxiety disorder,
panic disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder. The studies described in this
thesis are based on data acquired in the context of the Netherlands Study of
Depression and Anxiety (NES DA), a large scale, multi-site, observational cohort
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