Mouthpiece ventilation in neuromuscular disorders: Narrative review of technical issues important for clinical success

ENMC Resp Therapy Consortium, Michel Toussaint*, Michelle Chatwin, Miguel R. Goncalves, Jesus Gonzalez-Bermejo, Joshua O. Benditt, Doug McKim, Jesus Sancho, Brit Hov, Valeria Sansone, Helene Prigent, Annalisa Carlucci, Peter Wijkstra, Barbara Garabelli, Joan Escarrabill, Tiago Pinto, Nicolas Audag, Laura Verweij-van den Oudenrijn, Adam Ogna, Wendy HughesChristian Devaux, Johann Chaulet, Tiina Andersen

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OnderzoeksoutputAcademicpeer review

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In neuromuscular disorders (NMDs), nocturnal non-invasive ventilation (NIV) via a nasal mask is offered when hypercapnic respiratory failure occurs. With disease progression, nocturnal NIV needs to be extended into the daytime. Mouthpiece ventilation (MPV) is an option for daytime NIV. MPV represents a difficult task for home ventilators due to rapidly changing load conditions resulting from intermittent connections and disconnections from MPV circuit. The 252nd ENMC International Expert Workshop, held March 6th to 8th 2020 in Amsterdam, reported general guidelines for management of daytime MPV in NMDs. This report could not present all the detail regarding the technical issues important for clinical success of MPV. Based on the expert workshop discussions and the evidence from existing studies, the current narrative review aims to identify the technical issues of MPV and offers guidance via a decisional algorithm and educational figures providing relevant information that is important for successful implementation of MPV.

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TijdschriftRespiratory Medicine
Vroegere onlinedatum24-mrt-2021
StatusPublished - apr-2021

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