Mucosal-associated invariant T cells in patients with axial spondyloarthritis

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Background: Several studies implicate Th17-cells and its cytokine (IL-17) in disease pathogenesis of spondyloarthritis (SpA), with available evidence supporting a pathogenic role of CD8+ T-cells. However, data on the involvement of CD8+ mucosal-associated invariant T-cells (MAIT) and their phenotypic characterization and inflammatory function including IL-17 and Granzyme A production in a homogenous population of SpA-patients with primarily axial disease (axSpA) are lacking.

Objectives: Quantify and characterize the phenotype and function of circulating CD8+MAIT-cells in axSpA-patients with primarily axial disease.

Methods: Blood samples were obtained from 41 axSpA-patients and 30 age- and sex-matched healthy controls (HC). Numbers and percentages of MAIT-cells (defined as CD3+CD8+CD161highTCRVα7.2+) were determined, and production of IL-17 and Granzyme A (GrzA) by MAIT-cells were examined by flow cytometry upon in vitro stimulation. Serum IgG specific for CMV was measured by ELISA.

Results: No significant differences in numbers and percentages of circulating MAIT-cells were found between axSpA-patients and HCr zijn meer resultaten de centrale memory CD8 T cellen. cellen van patirculating MAIT cells. Further phenotypic analysis revealed a significant decrease in numbers of central memory MAIT-cells of axSpA-patients compared to HC. The decrease in central memory MAIT-cells in axSpA patients was not attributed to an alteration in CD8 T-cell numbers, but correlated inversely with serum CMV-IgG titers. Production of IL-17 by MAIT-cells was comparable between axSpA-patients and HC, whereas a significant decrease in the production of GrzA by MAIT-cells from axSpA-patients was observed.

Conclusions: The decrease in cytotoxic capability of circulating MAIT-cells in axSpA-patients might implicate that these cell types migrate to the inflamed tissue and therefore associate with the axial disease pathogenesis.

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StatusPublished - 10-mrt.-2023

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