Multi-sensory Storytelling for Persons with Profound Intellectual and Multiple Disabilities: An Analysis of the Development, Content and Application in Practice

Annet ten Brug*, Annette van der Putten, Anneleen Penne, Bea Maes, Carla Vlaskamp

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Background Multi-sensory storytelling (MSST) books are individualized stories, which involve sensory stimulation in addition to verbal text. Despite the frequent use of MSST in practice, little research is conducted into its structure, content and effectiveness. This study aims at the analysis of the development, content and application in practice of the MSST books in persons with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities (PIMD). Materials and Methods Forty-nine persons with PIMD and their direct support person participated. We analysed if the books are constructed and read according to guidelines. Content and used stimuli were related to age. Results Of the books 84% were constructed according to guidelines. In just 1.3% of the sessions, the story was read as intended. Regarding content, 67.4% of the stories focused on daily life excursions. Tactile stimuli were used most. Age related to stimuli choice, but not to content. Conclusions Although most books were properly constructed, guidelines were barely followed during reading which may negatively influence the effectiveness.

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TijdschriftJournal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities
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StatusPublished - jul-2012

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