Multidisciplinary approaches to the Amazonian past: Introduction to the theme issue

Nicholas Q. Emlen*, Leonardo Arias, Rik van Gijn

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    This theme issue presents collaborative research by anthropologists, linguists, archaeologists, geneticists, historians and biogeographers, who work across disciplinary boundaries to investigate the Amazonian past. Amazonia is a fertile ground in which to develop such multidisciplinary approaches because its relative paucity of documentary records makes other sources of evidence regarding the past more important; because multidisciplinary approaches are well suited to address important unanswered questions in Amazonian history; and because a recent and dramatic reappraisal of the region's past make this an exciting time to conduct this sort of research. The papers in this theme issue feature different combinations of academic disciplines, and they address different geographical regions and historical periods, but all of them show how combining insights from different fields can help illuminate aspects of the Amazonian past that would otherwise remain obscure to them all.

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    StatusPublished - 6-feb.-2023

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