Multilayered Supported Ionic Liquids as Catalysts for Chemical Fixation of Carbon Dioxide: A High-Throughput Study in Supercritical Conditions

Carmela Aprile, Francesco Giacalone, Paola Agrigento, Leonarda F. Liotta, Johan A. Martens, Paolo P. Pescarmona*, Michelangelo Gruttadauria

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Multilayered, covalently supported ionic liquid phase (mlc-SILP) materials were synthesized by using a new approach based on the grafting of bis-vinylimidazolium salts on different types of silica or polymeric supports. The obtained materials were characterized and tested as catalysts in the reaction of supercritical carbon dioxide with various epoxides to produce cyclic carbonates. The material prepared by supporting a bromide bis-imidazolium salt on the ordered mesoporous silica SBA-15 was identified as the most active catalyst for the synthesis of cyclic carbonates and displayed improved productivity compared with known supported ionic liquid catalysts. The catalyst retained its high activity upon reuse in consecutive catalytic runs. This is the first report of the application of mlc-SILP materials as catalysts in a reaction for the fixation of carbon dioxide. Rapid, parallel screening and comparison of the catalysts was performed by means of high-throughput experimentation.

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StatusPublished - 16-dec-2011
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