Multimodal Referring Expressions in Dialogue

Ielka van der Sluis, P. Piwek, A. Gatt, A. Bangerter

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    This paper describes an experiment in which dialogues are elicited through an identification task. Currently we are transcribing the collected data. The primary purpose of the experiment is to test a number of hypotheses regarding both the production and perception of multimodal referring expressions. To achieve this, the experiment was designed such that a number of factors (prior reference,
    focus of attention, visual attributes and cardinality) were systematically manipulated. We anticipate that the results of the experiment will yield information that can inform the construction of algorithms for the automatic generation of natural and easy-to-understand referring expressions. Moreover, the balanced corpus of multimodal referring expressions that was collected will hopefully become a resource for answering further, as yet unanticipated, questions on the nature of multimodal referring expressions.
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    Titel Proceedings of the Symposium on Multimodal Output Generation (MOG 2008) held at the AISB 2008 convention
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    StatusPublished - 2008

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