Nanodiamond relaxometry in sperm cells and collective cancer cell migration

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    This thesis evaluates the biocompatibility of fluorescent nanodiamonds in different sizes and concentrations for two models. The first is boar sperm cells under the capacitation process. And the second model a cervical cancer cell line (HeLa cells) under collective cell migration. From a technical point of view, these two models present a challenge for the current settings as both are dynamic samples requiring spatiotemporal resolution. Furthermore, relaxometry measurements were acquired for the first time in this thesis to detect free radical production in boar sperm cells.
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    • Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
    • Schirhagl, Romana, Supervisor
    • Mzyk, Aldona, Co-supervisor
    Datum van toekenning29-mrt.-2023
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    StatusPublished - 2023

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