Nanogels: A novel approach in antimicrobial delivery systems and antimicrobial coatings

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The implementation of nanotechnology to develop efficient antimicrobial systems has a significant impact on the prospects of the biomedical field. Nanogels are soft polymeric particles with an internally cross-linked structure, which behave as hydrogels and can be reversibly hydrated/dehydrated (swollen/shrunken) by the dispersing solvent and external stimuli. Their excellent properties, such as biocompatibility, colloidal stability, high water content, desirable mechanical properties, tunable chemical functionalities, and interior gel-like network for the incorporation of biomolecules, make them fascinating in the field of biological/biomedical applications. In this review, various approaches will be discussed and compared to the newly developed nanogel technology in terms of efficiency and applicability for determining their potential role in combating infections in the biomedical area including implant-associated infections.

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