Nanogels with Selective Intracellular Reactivity for Intracellular Tracking and Delivery

Guangyue Zu, Olga Mergel, Lais Ribovski, Reinier Bron, Inge Zuhorn, Patrick van Rijn*

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A multimodal approach for hydrogel-based nanoparticles was developed to selectively allow molecular conjugated species to either be released inside the cell or remain connected to the polymer network. Using the intrinsic difference in reactivity between esters and amides, nanogels with an amide-conjugated dye could be tracked intracellularly localizing next to the nucleus, while ester-conjugation allowed for liberation of the molecular species from the hydrogel network inside the cell, enabling delivery throughout the cytoplasm. The release was a result of particle exposure to the intracellular environment. The conjugation approach and polymer network building rely on the same chemistry and provide a diverse range of possibilities to be used in nanomedicine and theranostic approaches.

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Vroegere onlinedatum1-jul.-2020
StatusPublished - 26-nov.-2020

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