Narrative Values, the Value of Narratives: 4th LACE Winter School

Sjoerd-Jeroen Moenandar*

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    Since the narrative turn, the interest in the concept of narrative and its values has become widespread, both inside and outside the academy. There is a growing interest in narrative fiction as an ‘experimental values laboratory,’ studying both the value of narrative fiction in society and the values that are circulated through narrative fiction. Outside the academy, storytelling has become the focus of interest in many professional practices, such as psychology, counselling, medicine and health, and journalism, where it is used as a tool to piece together broken lives and make sense out of chaos and destruction. Narrative thus appears to be everywhere.

    Organised in the beautiful city of Groningen, in Northern Netherlands, this international, interdisciplinary Winter School is devoted to the study of narrative in film, literature, art and journalism. Lecturers and speakers form an impressive line-up of leading narratologists (including Marina Grishakova, Hanna Meretoja, Liesbeth Korthals Altes, Stefan Iversen, Marco Caracciolo, Luc Herman, Bart Vervaeck and Jan Baetens) and we welcome students from all disciplines where narrative is relevant.

    During an intensive week long programme, we will discuss how narratives are both informed and shaped by, as well as transmitters of values. With a programme that also pays attention to the dangers of storytelling, we will be offering students an enticing week that includes a one day symposium on the negotiation of values in narrative, with keynotes inspired by recent work by Liesbeth Korthals Altes.

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    StatusPublished - jan-2019

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