Nature-inspired microfluidic propulsion using magnetic actuation

S. N. Khaderi, M. G. H. M. Baltussen, P. D. Anderson, D. Ioan, J.M.J. den Toonder, P. R. Onck*

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In this work we mimic the efficient propulsion mechanism of natural cilia by magnetically actuating thin films in a cyclic but non-reciprocating manner. By simultaneously solving the elastodynamic, magnetostatic, and fluid mechanics equations, we show that the amount of fluid propelled is proportional to the area swept by the cilia. By using the intricate interplay between film magnetization and applied field we are able to generate a pronounced asymmetry and associated flow. We delineate the functional response of the system in terms of three dimensionless parameters that capture the relative contribution of elastic, inertial, viscous, and magnetic forces.

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TijdschriftPhysical Review E
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StatusPublished - apr-2009

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