New applications of solid-state NMR in structural biology

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Various recent developments in solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance (ssNMR) spectroscopy have enabled an array of new insights regarding the structure, dynamics, and interactions of biomolecules. In the ever more integrated world of structural biology, ssNMR studies provide structural and dynamic information that is complementary to the data accessible by other means. ssNMR enables the study of samples lacking a crystalline lattice, featuring static as well as dynamic disorder, and does so independent of higher-order symmetry. The present study surveys recent applications of biomolecular ssNMR and examines how this technique is increasingly integrated with other structural biology techniques, such as (cryo) electron microscopy, solution-state NMR, and X-ray crystallography. Traditional ssNMR targets include lipid bilayer membranes and membrane proteins in a lipid bilayer environment. Another classic application has been in the area of protein misfolding and aggregation disorders, where ssNMR has provided essential structural data on oligomers and amyloid fibril aggregates. More recently, the application of ssNMR has expanded to a growing array of biological assemblies, ranging from non-amyloid protein aggregates, protein-protein complexes, viral capsids, and many others. Across these areas, multidimensional magic angle spinning (MAS) ssNMR has, in the last decade, revealed three-dimensional structures, including many that had been inaccessible by other structural biology techniques. Equally important insights in structural and molecular biology derive from the ability of MAS ssNMR to probe information beyond comprehensive protein structures, such as dynamics, solvent exposure, protein-protein interfaces, and substrate-enzyme interactions.

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