New findings from the bipolar collaborative network: Clinical implications for therapeutics

R.M. Post, L.L. Altshuler, M.A. Frye, T. Suppes, S. McElroy, J. Keck, G.S. Leverich, R. Kupka, W.A. Nolen, H. Grunze

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In this article, we highlight recent Bipolar Collaborative Network data. We found that childhood-onset bipolar illness is common, often goes untreated for more than a decade, and carries a poor prognosis. During randomized studies of adjunctive medications in depression: 1) Venlafaxine showed higher switch rates than bupropion or sertraline; 2) Tranylcypromine was as well tolerated as lamotrigine; and 3) Modafinil was more effective than placebo. Finally, in treatment of overweight and obesity, topiramate and sibutramine showed equal efficacy but poor tolerability, and zonisamide data showed that it may be useful for mood and weight loss. Copyright (copyright) 2006 by Current Science Inc
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TijdschriftCurrent Psychiatry Reports
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StatusPublished - 2006

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