New heteronuclear gold(I)-platinum(II) complexes with cytotoxic properties: Are two metals better than one?

Margot Wenzel, Emilia Bigaeva, Philippe Richard, Pierre Le Gendre, Michel Picquet, Angela Casini, Ewen Bodio

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A series of mono- and heterodinuclear gold(I) and platinum(II) complexes with a new bipyridylamine-phosphine ligand have been synthesized and characterized. The X-ray structures of the ligand precursor 4-iodo-N,N-di(pyridin-2-yl)benzamide, and of one gold derivative are reported. All the complexes display antiproliferative properties in vitro in human cancer cells in the range of cisplatin or higher, which appear to correlate with compounds' uptake. Interestingly, studies of the interactions of the compounds with models of DNA indicate different mechanisms of actions with respect to cisplatin. The biological activity study of these complexes provides useful information about the interest of designing multimetallic complexes for enhanced cytotoxic properties.

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TijdschriftJournal of Inorganic Biochemistry
StatusPublished - dec.-2014

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