New insights into the surgical treatment of mitral regurgitation


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    New Insights into the Surgical Treatment of Mitral Regurgitation.

    The mitral valve and mitral valve repair techniques have been subject of extensive research over the past few decades. Mitral valve repair techniques have evolved considerably and have become the gold standard for common conditions such as degenerative mitral regurgitation (MR). In less common conditions, such as ischemic mitral regurgitation (IMR) (chronic and acute), MR caused by (special forms of) endocarditis or MR in heart transplant recipients, repair techniques are still subject of much debate. Although it has become clear from different studies that mitral valve repair is generally superior to valve replacement in terms of preservation of left ventricular function, survival rates, reoperation rates, endocarditis risk, thrombo-embolic complication rates, the need for lifelong anticoagulant drugs, and costs, it is not always clear whether valve repair is indeed better or even feasible for specific, less common forms of MR. This thesis provides new insights into the surgical treatment of these specific and often complex forms of MR.
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