No friction, no shine! Pre-service teacher research in implemented and attained curriculum of teacher education



The importance of teacher preparation and the attention to the role of pre-service teacher research in this is growing worldwide. Based on prior studies we identified four main aspects with regard to the development of the pre-service teachers’ research competence: 1. Research knowledge, 2. An inquiry habit of mind, 3. Research skills and 4. Application of research findings in practice. In the Netherlands, research competence in primary teacher education is developed over four years, resulting in a capstone research project in the form of practitioner research. The aim of this study is to compare the description of the four aspects of research competence in the intended curriculum -divided in ideal curriculum and formal curriculum-, with the implemented, and attained curriculum of primary teacher education in the Netherlands. In this curriculum study, we applied document analysis, questionnaires and panel interviews with teacher educators and pre-service teachers of eight institutes. Preliminary findings show that the aspect ‘research skills’ is best developed in the formal and implemented curriculum, although ‘an inquiry habit of mind’ is seen as the most important aspect in the ideal curriculum. For the attained curriculum pre-service teachers indicated to have learned to conduct research and to see the value of pre-service teacher research. Remarkably, they also mentioned not to expect to conduct (practitioner) research in their future teaching job. Explanations for this might be the lack of a research-oriented culture and knowledge in most primary schools, or the formal way of conducting research in the teacher education program.
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StatusPublished - 2019
EvenementEARLI 2019 - RWTH Aachen, Aachen, Germany
Duur: 12-aug.-201916-aug.-2019


ConferenceEARLI 2019


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