Noisy Gradient Meshes: Augmenting Gradient Meshes with Procedural Noise

Gerben J. Hettinga*, Rowan van Beckhoven, Jiří Kosinka

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We extend the gradient mesh vector graphics primitive with procedural noise functions. Specifically, we couple Perlin, Worley and Gabor noise to the gradient mesh. We allow local parameters controlling the noise functions to be defined at the vertices of the mesh. The parameters are interpolated along with the geometry similarly to how colour is interpolated in an ordinary gradient mesh, allowing for spatially varying noise patterns. These noisy gradient meshes facilitate a sparse representation of high frequency regions along with underlying smooth colour gradients. The meshes are easy to edit and efficient to evaluate on graphics hardware, making them a suitable candidate for inclusion in modern vector graphics authoring tools. We demonstrate the utility of our method on gradient meshes with added noise functions. Additionally, we show that the approach can be used in combination with regular surface meshes where noise functions are used to govern their displacement mapping.
Originele taal-2English
TijdschriftGraphical Models
Vroegere onlinedatum2-apr.-2019
StatusPublished - mei-2019

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