Non-amphiphilic carbohydrate liquid crystals containing an intact monosaccharide moiety

E Smits, J.B.F.N. Engberts, R.M Kellogg, H.A. van Doren

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A chiral rigid moiety which forms the basis of a new class of non-amphiphilic carbohydrate liquid crystals has been developed. This moiety contains a fully intact glucopyranose ring embedded in a trans-decalin structure. The original carbohydrate is substituted so that only two hydroxyl groups are left, resulting in derivatives with reduced hydrophilicity. The substituents R and X-R' on the 4,6-O-ylidene beta-D-glucopyranoside are in the equatorial position and can be varied extensively, using straightforward synthetic procedures. Investigations as to the requirements for R and X-R' for inducing liquid-crystalline behavior have shown that at least one of the substituents should contain a large, polarizable aromatic moiety. An aromatic Schiff base fulfils this requirement.

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TijdschriftMolecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology Section A-Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals
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StatusPublished - 1995
Evenement15th International Liquid Crystal Conference - , Hungary
Duur: 3-jul-19948-jul-1994

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