Non-Antibody-Based Binders for the Enrichment of Proteins for Analysis by Mass Spectrometry

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There is often a need to isolate proteins from body fluids, such as plasma or serum, prior to further analysis with (targeted) mass spectrometry. Although immunoglobulin or antibody-based binders have been successful in this regard, they possess certain disadvantages, which stimulated the development and validation of alternative, non-antibody-based binders. These binders are based on different protein scaffolds and are often selected and optimized using phage or other display technologies. This review focuses on several non-antibody-based binders in the context of enriching proteins for subsequent liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) analysis and compares them to antibodies. In addition, we give a brief introduction to approaches for the immobilization of binders. The combination of non-antibody-based binders and targeted mass spectrometry is promising in areas, like regulated bioanalysis of therapeutic proteins or the quantification of biomarkers. However, the rather limited commercial availability of these binders presents a bottleneck that needs to be addressed.

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StatusPublished - 30-nov-2021

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