Nonlinear actuation of micromechanical Casimir oscillators with topological insulator materials toward chaotic motion: Sensitivity on magnetization and dielectric properties

F Tajik, N Allameh, A A Masoudi, G Palasantzas*

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We have investigated the dynamical actuation of micro-electromechanical systems under the influence of attractive and repulsive Casimir forces between topological insulator plates as a function of their dielectric function and coating magnetization. The analysis of the Casimir force in the limit of strong and weak magnetization shows that the attractive force, which is produced for plate magnetizations in the same direction, is greater than the repulsive force that is produced for opposite magnetizations. However, both forces remain comparable for intermediate magnetizations. Moreover, for weak magnetization, the attractive force becomes stronger for an increasing dielectric function, while the opposite occurs for the repulsive force. On the other hand, increasing magnetization decreases the influence of the dielectric function on both the repulsive and attractive forces. Furthermore, for conservative systems, bifurcation and phase portrait analysis revealed that increasing magnetization decreases the regime of stable operation for devices with attractive forces, while their operation remains always stable under the presence of repulsive forces. Finally, for non-conservative periodically driven systems, the Melnikov function and Poincaré portrait analysis show that for magnetizations in the same direction leading to strong attractive Casimir forces, chaotic motion toward stiction is highly likely to occur preventing the long-term prediction of actuating dynamics. A remedy for this situation is obtained by the application of any magnetization in opposite directions between the interacting surfaces since the repulsive force makes it possible to prevent stiction.

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StatusPublished - sep.-2022

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