Novel Applications of Tetrazoles Derived from the TMSN3-Ugi Reaction


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The distinguished properties of tetrazole moiety make it possible to be employed as bioisosteric substituent of carboxylic acid in developing biological active substances. Tetrazole possesses several advantages over carboxylic acids with respect to many aspects including metabolic stability, electronic distribution, hydrogen bonding, and lipophilicity. These advantages facilitate the interactions between ligands and receptors, and potentially allow for a better cell membrane passage.
The research presented in this thesis mainly focuses on introducing the tetrazole moiety as a structural fragment in the preparation of several series of drug-like molecules, and studies towards their related applications in pharmacology.
Although many successful applications of the tetrazole in medicinal chemistry are presented, we can expect more investigations and discoveries in this field. For instance, it is attractive to further optimize the structures of the present drug molecules and develop feasible approaches for the preparation of tetrazole containing natural products by using multicomponent reactions. However, it is of the most importance to gain a good understanding of the pharmacophore and the physicochemical properties of the bioisosteres for the proper bioisosteric replacements with favorable attributes.
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