Novel diagnostic and imaging techniques in endovascular iliac artery procedures

Sanne W. De Boer*, Stefan G. H. Heinen, Seline R. Goudeketting, Michiel W. De Haan, Barend M. Mees, Daniel A. F. Van Den Heuvel, Jean-Paul P. M. De Vries

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Onderzoeksoutput: Review articleAcademicpeer review

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Introduction: Endovascular revascularization has become the preferred treatment for most patients with iliac artery obstructions, with a high rate of clinical and technical success.

Areas covered: This review will describe novel developments in the diagnosis and treatment of iliac artery obstructions including the augmentation of preprocedural imaging with advanced flow models, image fusion techniques, and state-of-the-art device-tracking capabilities.

Expert opinion: The combination of these developments will change the endovascular field within the next 5 years, allowing targeted iliac treatment without the need for radiographic imaging or iodinated contrast media.

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TijdschriftExpert Review of Cardiovascular Therapy
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StatusPublished - 2-jul-2020

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