Novel genetic tools for Hansenula polymorpha

Ruchi Saraya, Arjen M Krikken, Jan A K W Kiel, Richard J S Baerends, Marten Veenhuis, Ida J van der Klei

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Hansenula polymorpha is an important yeast in industrial biotechnology. In addition, it is extensively used in fundamental research devoted to unravel the principles of peroxisome biology and nitrate assimilation. Here we present an overview of key components of the genetic toolbox for H. polymorpha. In addition, we present new selection markers that we recently implemented in H. polymorpha. We describe novel strategies for the efficient creation of targeted gene deletions and integrations in H. polymorpha. For this, we generated a similar to 80 mutant, deficient in non-homologous end joining, resulting in strongly enhanced efficiency of gene targeting relative to the parental strain. Finally, we show the implementation of Gateway technology and a single-step PCR strategy to create deletions in H. polymorpha.

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TijdschriftFems Yeast Research
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StatusPublished - mei-2012

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