Numerical Modeling of Nanotechnology-Boosted Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery Methods

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    Since it was theorized more than 50 years ago, nanotechnology has become the perfect boost for existing old technologies. The unique properties exhibited by materials at these scales have a potential to improve the performance of mature oil fields along with enhanced oil recovery (EOR) processes. Regarding polymer flooding, the influence of the (macro) molecules’ architecture on the fluid properties has been lately stressed. This chapter presents the numerical simulation of the combination of both agents in a single, combined recovery process. The presence of the nanoparticles affects the rheological behavior and the rock’s wettability, increasing the organic phase mobility. Undesirable effects such as (nano) particle aggregation and sedimentation are also considered. The polymer’s architecture has a major influence on the recovery process, improving the rheological and viscoelastic properties. On the other hand, although nanoparticles improve the viscosity as well, its main mechanism is their adsorption onto the rock and wettability modification. This chapter shows the importance of a good polymer characterization for EOR, the potential of nanoparticles acting as a boost of traditional EOR processes, and the vital role CFD techniques play to assess the potential of these agents and the optimization of the recovery strategies.
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