Numerical simulations of dwarf galaxies in the Fornax Cluster

Michele Mastropietro


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I have carried out simulations of the evolution of dwarf galaxies falling into a Fornax-like Cluster using the Moving Box technique.
I am interested in following the journey of the galaxies into the cluster and characterizing their size, star formation rate, gas and dark matter content, stellar dynamics, and evolution, depending on the orbit and the initial mass at the time of orbital injection.
Some of the galaxies are effectively transformed into Ultra Diffuse Galaxies (UDG) while some others are allowed to be briefly identified as “jellyfish".
Serendipitously, I realized that these simulations produce galaxies whose morphology is similar to a particular galaxy in the Fornax Cluster: NGC1427A. I identified that gaseous and stellar tails of this galaxy may be explainable given that they are subject to different environmental effects (ram-pressure stripping and tidal forces). I was also able to provide some falsifiable predictions on the position of the galaxy with respect to the center of the Cluster and its projected orbital direction.
Finally, I have contributed to the development of a technique to study low dimensional-manifolds in the simulations. In particular, I concentrated on the analysis of gaseous tails of simulated jellyfish galaxies with the aim to investigate regions of recent star formation and mixing between the galactic gaseous material and the hot gas of the cluster.
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StatusPublished - 2021

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