Nursing students’ experiences with clinical placement as a learning environment for assertiveness: a qualitative interview study

Ivo Bril*, Hedwig J. Boer, Nick Degens, Joke Fleer

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Novice nurses currently feel unprepared for the social dynamics of the workplace, due to a lack of assertiveness. Although clinical placements in nursing curricula should prepare student nurses for the demanding work environment, they do not seem to meet these expectations. Our study looked into Dutch students’ experiences of clinical placements as a learning environment for assertiveness. Twelve semistructured interviews were conducted and thematically analyzed, revealing three themes and four subthemes. Clinical placements varied greatly in their capability to stimulate assertiveness development. The team's supportiveness toward students and the didactical skill of the coach mainly influenced this capability. In general, students lacked a clear professional role with regards to their colleagues, stifling assertive behavior with the fear of failing the clinical placement. Our findings indicate that future-proof nursing curricula should support the development of assertive interprofessional conduct in students both before and during clinical placement.

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TijdschriftTeaching and Learning in Nursing
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StatusPublished - okt.-2022

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