Obilježja kajkavskoga govora Vedešina i Umoka



    In contradistinction to the author’s monograph on the Kajkavian dialect of Vedešin and Umok (1999), which was meant to be a more or less full synchronic description in which each property of the dialect was presented as equally important, the aim of the present article is to pick out and highlight the features that distinguish the dialect from its Čakavian neighbours and from other Kajkavian dialects. The following subjects are addressed: the linguistic situation in Vedešin and Umok, synchronic and diachronic phonology, phonetics, morphology, syntax and lexicon. Particular attention is paid to linguistic variation, the phenomenon that will be called “accentual analogy”, traces of neo-circumflex and neo-acute, irregular reflexes of Proto-Slavic phonemes and the occurrence of lexemes that are in any respect uncommon.
    Vertaalde titel van de bijdrageCharacteristics of the Kajkavian dialect of Vedešin and Umok
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    TitelOd indoeuropeistike do kroatistike, Zbornik u čast Daliboru Brozoviću
    RedacteurenRanko Matasović
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    StatusPublished - 2013


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