Objective and subjective predictors of cancer-related stress symptoms in testicular cancer survivors

Joke Fleer, Dirk Sleijfer, Harald Hoekstra, Marrit Tuinman, Ed Klip, Josette Hoekstra-Weebers*

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Objective: (1) To investigate cancer-related stress symptoms among testicular cancer survivors (TCSs), (2) to gain insight into the relationship Of sociodemographic and cancer-related variables with cancer-related stress symptoms and (3) to assess whether objective and subjective aspects of cancer diagnosis and treatment can be associated with ongoing distress after cancer.

Methods: Three hundred and fifty-four TCSs were enrolled in this study and completed the Impact of Events Scale (IES). Thirty TCSs were also selected for interviews: 15 with no and 15 with high levels of cancer-related stress symptoms.

Results: Thirteen percent of the TCSs reported experiencing cancer-related stress symptoms. Single TCSs, those with less education, and those who were not employed for wages reported higher levels of stress. Cancer-related variables appeared to play almost no role. Information obtained through interviews suggested that subjective perceptions were more strongly associated with cancer-related stress symptoms than were actual medical histories. Perceptions about the impact of the illness on current life and fear of the future were particularly decisive factors in the presence or absence of cancer-related stress symptoms.

Conclusions: It would be beneficial to ask TCSs during follow-up about their thoughts concerning the threats posed by testicular cancer and its effects for their current and future lives, as such perceptions do not necessarily coincide with actual medical histories or current state of health.

Practice implications: TCSs who feel that their lives continue to be threatened by their experiences with testicular cancer should be referred for psychosocial intervention. (c) 2005 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.

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StatusPublished - dec-2006

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