Objectively measured preoperative physical activity is associated with time to functional recovery after hepato-pancreato-biliary cancer surgery: a pilot study

Caspar F Mylius*, Wim P Krijnen, Tim Takken, Daan J Lips, Hasan Eker, Cees P van der Schans, Joost M Klaase

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BACKGROUND: Surgical resection is currently the cornerstone of hepato-pancreato-biliary (HPB) cancer treatment. A low preoperative aerobic fitness level has been identified as a modifiable risk factor associated with complications after major abdominal surgery. A person's aerobic fitness is influenced by performing moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA). This study aims to determine the activity monitor measured levels of MVPA performed among patients on the waiting list for HPB cancer surgery and their association with postoperative outcomes.

METHODS: A prospective, observational multi-center cohort pilot study was conducted. Patients enlisted for resection surgery on suspicion of HPB (pre)malignancy were enrolled. Performed MVPA was measured by an Actigraph wGT3X-BT. Additionally, aerobic fitness was measured via the Incremental Shuttle Walk Test, and (post)operative variables were collected from the electronic patient files. The association between MVPA and the pre- and postoperative variables was determined by univariate and multivariable (logistic) robust regression.

RESULTS: A total of 38 participants, median age 66.0 (IQR 58.25-74.75) years, were enrolled. The median daily MVPA was 10.7 (IQR 6.9-18.0) min; only 8 participants met the Dutch MVPA guidelines. Participant's age and aerobic fitness were associated with MVPA by multivariable statistical analysis. Time to functional recovery was 8 (IQR 5-12) days and was associated with MVPA and type of surgery (major/minor) in multivariable analysis.

CONCLUSION: Seventy-six percent of patients enlisted for resection of HPB (pre)malignancy performed insufficient MVPA. A higher level of MVPA was associated with a shorter time to functional recovery.

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TijdschriftPerioperative Medicine
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StatusPublished - 4-okt-2021

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