Observability of switched linear systems

Mihaly Petreczky, Aneel Tanwani, Stephan Trenn*

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Observability of switched linear systems has been well studied during the past decade and depending on the notion of observability, several criteria have appeared in the literature. The main difference in these approaches is how the switching signal is viewed: Is it a fixed and known function of time, is it an unknown external signal, is it the result of a discrete dynamical system (an automaton) or is it controlled and is therefore an input? We will focus on the recently introduced geometric characterization of observability, which assumes knowledge of the switching signal. These geometric conditions depend on computing the exponential of the matrix and require the exact knowledge of switching times. To relieve the computational burden, some relaxed conditions that do not rely on the switching times are given; this also allows for a direct comparison of the different observability notions. Furthermore, the generalization of the geometric approach to linear switched differential algebraic systems is possible and presented as well.

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