Observation of a(0)(0)(980)-f(0)(980) Mixing

BESIII Collaboration, Zahra Haddadi, Nasser Kalantar-Nayestanaki, Myroslav Kavatsyuk, Johannes Messchendorp, Marcel Tiemens

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    We report the first observation of a(0)(0)(980)-f(0)(980) mixing in the decays of J/psi -> phi f(0)(980) -> phi a(0)(0)(980) -> phi eta pi(0) and chi(c1) -> a(0)(0)(980)pi(0) -> f(0)(980)pi(0)->pi(+)pi(-)pi(0), using data samples of 1.31 x 10(9) J/psi events and 4.48 x 10(8) psi (3686) events accumulated with the BESIII detector. The signals of f(0)(980) -> a(0)(0)(980) and a(0)(0)(980) -> f(0)(980) mixing are observed at levels of statistical significance of 7.4 sigma and 5.5 sigma, respectively. The corresponding branching fractions and mixing intensities are measured and the constraint regions on the coupling constants, g(a0K+K-) and g(f0K+K-), are estimated. The results improve the understanding of the nature of a(0)(0)(980) and f(0)(980).
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    TijdschriftPhysical Review Letters
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    StatusPublished - 11-jul.-2018

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