Oh, Inventiveness! Oh, Imaginativeness! Precious Cinema and Its Discontents: A Rant

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    This short essay is an angry rant against a type of cinema I find almost unwatchable – I call it ‘precious cinema.’ Foregrounding an overly ‘quirky’ directorial sensibility, precious cinema includes some of Wes Anderson’s films, Michel Gondry’s post-Charlie Kaufman films, the more mediocre of Tim Burton’s films, most films by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, and the latest film by Miranda July. These are wunderkind filmmakers glowingly proud of their idiosyncratic creations. Hiding behind a cute harmlessness, their films nastily force their inventiveness upon the viewer and enclose themselves in the cute world of their own imaginative eccentricities.
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    StatusPublished - 14-jan-2019

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