On Improving Generalization of CNN-Based Image Classification with Delineation Maps Using the CORF Push-Pull Inhibition Operator

Swaroop Bennabhaktula*, Joey Antonisse, George Azzopardi

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Deployed image classification pipelines are typically dependent on the images captured in real-world environments. This means that images might be affected by different sources of perturbations (e.g. sensor noise in low-light environments). The main challenge arises by the fact that image quality directly impacts the reliability and consistency of classification tasks. This challenge has, hence, attracted wide interest within the computer vision communities. We propose a transformation step that attempts to enhance the generalization ability of CNN models in the presence of unseen noise in the test set. Concretely, the delineation maps of given images are determined using the CORF push-pull inhibition operator. Such an operation transforms an input image into a space that is more robust to noise before being processed by a CNN. We evaluated our approach on the Fashion MNIST data set with an AlexNet model. It turned out that the proposed CORF-augmented pipeline achieved comparable results on noise-free images to those of a conventional AlexNet classification model without CORF delineation maps, but it consistently achieved significantly superior performance on test images perturbed with different levels of Gaussian and uniform noise.
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TitelComputer Analysis of Images and Patterns
SubtitelCAIP 2021
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StatusPublished - 31-okt-2021
Evenement19th International Conference, CAIP 2021 - Virtual event
Duur: 28-sep-202130-sep-2021

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Conference19th International Conference, CAIP 2021

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