On the design of rocker profile shoes: from 3D gait analysis to 3D printing


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    Runners often have injuries to the Achilles tendon or tendon plate under the foot. This is not surprising when you know how much force is put on the tendons during a simple walk. But how inevitable is it, and isn't there just a type of shoe that can solve it? A shoe with a so-called 'rocker profile', the rocker shoe, can reduce the load on the Achilles tendon and the tendon plate. A rocker profile is nothing more than a (mostly) stiffened sole with a strong rounding that corrects the roll-over of the foot during walking or running. However, making effective soles is a difficult, time-consuming, old-fashioned job, with varying results.
    To improve the effectiveness of rocker shoes, the IndiRock project was started. The aim of this project was to determine the individually optimized rocker shoe based on an extensive gait analysis. The individual properties of the foot and the gait pattern are translated with an algorithm into a model of a rocker profile and the expected effects were simulated. The optimal rocker profile with the highest reduction in load on the Achilles tendon and/or the tendon plate is selected and sent to a 3D printer. The technology developed can greatly improve the effectiveness of individual rocker shoes. With this we have developed a tool for a large group of people to prevent and treat their injuries.
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