On the Link between Fact Learning and General Cognitive Ability


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TitelProceedings of the 38th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society
RedacteurenA. Papafragou, D. Grodner, D. Mirman, J.C. Trueswell
Plaats van productieAustin, TX
UitgeverijCognitive Science Society
ISBN van elektronische versie978-0-9911967-3-9
StatusPublished - 11-aug.-2016
EvenementCogSci 2016 : 38th Annual Cognitive Science Society Meeting : Recognizing and representing events - Philadelphia Convention Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Duur: 10-aug.-201613-aug.-2016
Congresnummer: 38


ConferenceCogSci 2016
Land/RegioUnited States
StadPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
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